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Blue Haven Firearms offers Gunsmith Services, Midwest City/OKC Metro

Need work done, want to upgrade your Firearm, or just don’t have the time to clean your guns?

Standard Services

Gunsmithing: $45 for the first hour – *Minimum of 1 Hour* – $35 for additional hours.

As You Wait: $15 to work on your firearm right then and there.

Install Sights: $25 to install handgun sights or rifle scope – *$15 if purchased from Blue Haven Firearms*

Detail Strip and Clean: $50 for a complete breakdown of the firearm, cleaning, install and safety check/inspection.

Ultrasonic Clean: $35 for a clean using an ultrasonic cleaner and solution.

Bore Sight Firearm: $25 to bore sight your firearm.

*Prices subject to change*
**Additional cost for parts ordered and shipping**