U.S. Law Shield

U.S. Law Shield ProgramU.S. Law Shield Program - Blue Haven Firearms Midwest City/OKC – Blue Haven Firearms Midwest City/OKC

Carry with confidence!

24/7 Emergency Hotline and Access to Independent Firearms Program Attorney

Starting at only $10.95 per month!


Legal Defense – Criminal and Civil

  • Zero attorneys’ fees for covered events
  • No caps, no limits, no deductibles
  • Not a reimbursement program
  • Largest attorney network
  • Now covering all legal weapons!

Education – Know the Law


Why do gun owners need legal protection?  Because bad things happen to good people!

  • If you use your gun, there will be an investigation, whether you pull the trigger or not.
  • The legal system can be hostile, even if you did nothing wrong.
  • Firearms laws are complicated and change often. Have a go-to source.
  • U.S. Law Shield currently protects over 180,000 gun owners

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