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Firearms Training

Firearms Training Classes:

We have classes available for all levels of experience, including Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry Classes (Self Defense Act), Advanced Conceal Carry Classes located in Midwest City/Oklahoma City

Whether you’ve never shot a gun before, you’ve got your Oklahoma Handgun License and want to get comfortable drawing from your holster, or you’re interested in learning some tactical maneuvers in real-life situations.

If you’ve already got some experience shooting and want to apply for an Oklahoma Handgun License, we offer Saturday Concealed Carry classes.

Concealed Carry Class (SDA)

Let us help you gain the knowledge and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones by signing up our Concealed Carry Class (Self Defense Act) a class today.

Come in and learn from our Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Instructors and take your safety into your own hands.

This class is required to obtain a license in the State of Oklahoma to legally conceal or open carry a firearm for self-defense. The class requires eight hours of instruction on Title 21, Oklahoma Law and safe handling of a firearm. At the conclusion of the class, you will receive the signed certificate of completion needed to apply for a Oklahoma Handgun License.The Concealed Carry (SDA) Class covers training on Oklahoma Law, deadly force issues, safety, shooting fundamentals, handgun operation, and a live fire shooting portion. It also contains an abbreviated “basic” class for handguns with an emphasis on safety.

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Basic Pistol Shooting

If you’ve never or rarely shot a gun before and want to become more comfortable, this is the class for you. If you have always been afraid of guns, now is the time to conquer that fear. Learn different shooting stances, proper grip, and what to do in case of malfunctions from our NRA certified instructors.

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Concealed Carry – Next Steps

You’ve got your Oklahoma Handgun License now, but do you feel comfortable enough to start carrying your pistol everyday? This class will provide more training on shooting from your holster and shooting with more accuracy. Our NRA Certified instructors and law enforcement instructors can provide the training needed to carry your pistol with confidence.

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Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Shooting or Concealed Carry

Advanced Concealed Carry I

Designed to follow Advanced Concealed Carry I, this class will cover possible real-life scenarios, combat reloading while shooting, introduction to shooting from cover, and shooting while moving (minimal).

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Prerequisite: Concealed Carry – Next Steps or Proof of Training

Advanced Concealed Carry II

This class covers: more extensive possible real-life scenarios, intermediate shooting from cover, and intermediate shooting while moving.

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Prerequisite: Advanced Concealed Carry I or Proof of Training