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Essential Skills

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  • Gun Cleaning

    Gun Cleaning
    This 1-2 hour course is designed to teach you the necessary cleaning steps and yearly mainainence needed to keep firearms functioning well. Students will learn how to field strip and clean they're firearms as well as the suggested time frames to clean a gun after use. 

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  • Firearms Safety

    Firearms Safety

    This FREE 1 hour introductory non-shooting course is designed to teach the fundamentals of firearm safety, handling, storage and maintenance. Students will learn the rules for safe gun handling and storage; firearm parts and operation; ammunition & components; how to load and unload certain action types; primary causes of firearms accidents.

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Firearm Training

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  • Concealed Carry Class (SDA)

    Concealed Carry Class (SDA) Let us help you gain the knowledge and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones by signing up our Concealed Carry Class (Self Defense Act) a class today. Come in and learn from our Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Instructors and take your safety into your own hands. This class is required to obtain a license in the State of Oklahoma to legally conceal or open carry a firearm for self-defense. The class requires eight hours of instruction on Title 21, Oklahoma Law and safe handling of a firearm. At the conclusion of the class, you will receive the signed certificate of completion needed to apply for a Oklahoma Handgun License.The Concealed Carry (SDA) Class covers training on Oklahoma Law, deadly force issues, safety, shooting fundamentals, handgun operation, and a live fire shooting portion (Offsite). It also contains an abbreviated “basic” class for handguns with an emphasis on safety. Where/When is the Class 9am-6pm (Please arrive by 8:45am) Located at Blue Haven Firearms, address is 1032 S Douglas Blvd in Midwest City What is Needed: Driver's License/Oklahoma State ID, Semi-Auto Handgun, 50 Rounds of Ammo.   *If you are wanting to only take the Law portion of the class, use coupon code "Law" at checkout.*
  • Basic Pistol Shooting

    Basic Pistol Shooting The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation and is available for delivery in two ways. One option is the traditional, instructor-led course where you will receive direct instruction from an NRA-certified instructor from beginning to end. No Classes Presently Available
  • Concealed Carry – Next Steps

    Concealed Carry - Next Steps You’ve got your Oklahoma Handgun License now, but do you feel comfortable enough to start carrying your pistol every day? This class will provide more training on shooting from your holster and shooting with more accuracy. Our NRA Certified instructors and law enforcement instructors can provide the training needed to carry your pistol with confidence. Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Shooting or Concealed Carry  
  • Advanced Concealed Carry II

    Advanced Concealed Carry II This class covers: more extensive possible real-life scenarios, intermediate shooting from cover, and intermediate shooting while moving. Prerequisite: Advanced Concealed Carry I or Proof of Training

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Medical Training

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  • Stop The Bleed

    Stop The Bleed

    No matter how quickly first responders arrive, civilian bystanders will likely always be the first on scene. A person can die from blood loss in as little as 4 minutes, whereas the average response time for emergency services is 7 minutes. Being able to stop a person from bleeding out is an essential skill for everone to know. In this 3-4 hour course, you will learn:
    • How to quickly determine the proper tools for stopping blood loss.
    • How to apply a tourniquet. 
    • How to use trauma dressings and wound packing. 
    • How to use chest seals and improvised chest seals. 
    • Much more.

    No Classes Currently Scheduled

  • First Aid / CPR

    First Aid / CPR

    In today's world, accidents and injuries can happen in the blink of an eye. Being able to respond to a bad situation with the knowledge to save a life is an essential skill. In this 6 hour course, you will learn:
    • To recognize and respond to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies.
    • To know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.

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